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US-5767791-A: Low-power circuit and method for providing rapid frequency lock in a wireless communications device patent, US-5972240-A: Liquid crystal composite material and liquid crystal display device(s) which use them patent, US-6480952-B2: Emulation coprocessor patent, US-5032295-A: Polymers for use in drilling muds patent, US-6530257-B2: Terminal-crimping device patent, US-5671842-A: Golf club bag with rigid arms and chamfered base patent, US-6411266-B1: Apparatus and method for providing images of real and virtual objects in a head mounted display patent, US-6323025-B1: In vitro cell culture in media containing beta-alanyl-taurine or carbobenzoxy beta-alanyl-taurine patent, US-5772072-A: Vending machine including refrigeration and oven compartments patent, US-6675159-B1: Concept-based search and retrieval system patent, US-5958971-A: Chemical compounds patent, US-6782595-B1: Method for briquetting metal chips and briquetting press patent, US-5843725-A: Methods of producing secreted receptor analogs and biologically active dimerized polypeptide fusions patent, US-6092350-A: Modular polymer matrix composite support structure and methods of constructing same patent, US-6380149-B2: Cleaning process and composition patent, US-5744473-A: PDE IV inhibitors: "bis-compounds" patent, US-5744921-A: Control circuit for five-phase brushless DC motor patent, US-6565844-B1: Protein production and protein delivery patent, US-4198418-A: Spiro[dibenz(b,f)oxepin-piperidine]s patent, US-6271930-B1: Image processing apparatus and method, and storage medium patent, US-4358597-A: Thiocarbamates of 1,3,4-thiadiazole-2,5-dithiol patent, US-5073669-A: Method for aromatic hydrocarbon recovery patent, US-5242898-A: Method of forming superconducting circuit patent, US-6380079-B1: Metal wiring in semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same patent, US-6476024-B1: Pyridazine derivatives and related composition patent, US-4239158-A: Spray head extension for pressure dispensers patent, US-4400580-A: Process for producing crosslinked polyethylene insulated cable patent, US-4977953-A: Latent heat regenerating apparatus patent, US-6106692-A: Measuring concentrations of plural target substances by use of diamond electrode patent, US-6260112-B1: Register memory linking patent, US-6851873-B2: Method and apparatus for removing organic films patent, US-4564571-A: Transfer sheet with color pattern having metallic luster, and method of manufacturing said sheet patent, US-4579038-A: Depth control valve and system for agricultural implements patent, US-5118386-A: Printed circuit board having bumps and method of forming bumps patent, US-5744236-A: Hollow fibers impregnated with solid particles patent, US-6383263-B1: Device intended for mechanical separation of high-temperature sand present in a gas stream patent, US-6611409-B1: Line module protection method and device utilizing said method patent, US-6714951-B2: Continuous journaling of objects within a hierarchical directory tree patent, US-6783967-B2: Nucleotide sequences which code for the rpoB gene patent, US-4340721-A: Novel polyester for the packaging of comestibles patent, US-4551437-A: Process for the transportation through an elongate chamber and electromagnetic radiation heating of granulated material patent, US-5098678-A: Chromatographic separation of zirconium isotopes patent, US-5227885-A: Charge latent image recording medium and charge latent image reading out system patent, US-5416746-A: Memory circuit for alternately accessing data within a period of address data patent, US-5481369-A: Crosstalk detector for optically read signals patent, US-5656716-A: Titanium-containing catalyst and process for the production of polyester patent, US-5712323-A: Cross -linked atactic or amorphous propylene polymers patent, US-5991340-A: Method and system for encoding and decoding data using run prediction patent, US-4669072-A: Control apparatus for optical video disk recorder/player patent, US-4799644-A: Actuator activating on-off valves patent, US-5076330-A: Three-dimensional multi-axis fabric composite materials and methods and apparatuses for making the same patent, US-5188768-A: Solid form electrolyte composites patent, US-5895740-A: Method of forming contact holes of reduced dimensions by using in-situ formed polymeric sidewall spacers patent, US-6086800-A: Thermoforming process and apparatus patent, US-6500562-B1: Electrophotographic transfer sheet and color image forming process patent, US-6607676-B2: Preparation of carbonaceous semiconductor material patent, US-4257524-A: Cassette storage rack patent, US-4259274-A: Method and apparatus for making a laminated ski patent, US-4621000-A: Edge stiffener for plastic bags patent, US-4868171-A: Antibiotic A 40926 N-acylaminoglucuronyl aglycons and antiobiotic A 40926 aglycon patent, US-5069915-A: Cocoa butter fractions patent, US-5527409-A: Method of making recycled tire roof sheeting patent, US-4561896-A: Corrosion inhibiting coatings patent, US-4613886-A: CMOS static memory cell patent, US-5012460-A: RAM head positioning and tracking system patent, US-5133799-A: N-aryltetrahydrophthalimides and herbicidal compositions thereof patent, US-5850935-A: Container with shoulder flange and removable sidewall portions, and related method patent, US-6150810-A: Method for detecting the presence of a ferromagnetic object using maximum and minimum magnetic field data patent, US-6242533-B1: Novolak type phenol resin patent, US-6853847-B2: Method and apparatus for positioning a mobile station patent, US-4498103-A: Slow genlock circuit patent, US-4719262-A: Organosilicon primer compositions patent, US-4804395-A: Electrode arrangement for lensing method patent, US-5138817-A: Method of and system for creating a uniform log of strapped bundles patent, US-5473609-A: Method and apparatus for processing a conditional access program guide as for a satellite TV service patent, US-5847478-A: Electro-magnetic clutch patent, US-5849539-A: Thymidine kinase-lacking ouabain-resistant chicken hybridoma patent, US-6351026-B2: Multilayered wiring structure and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-4353709-A: Granulation process patent, US-4457887-A: Process for reaction injection molding of silicone containing polyurethanes patent, US-4668845-A: Modular lamp socket and switch device patent, US-4954423-A: Planar metal interconnection for a VLSI device patent, US-5176409-A: High pressure pipe coupling patent, US-5939164-A: Aluminum alloy sheet for magnetic disk substrate aluminum alloy clad sheet for magnetic disk substrate and their manufacturing method patent, US-6191025-B1: Method of fabricating a damascene structure for copper medullization patent, US-6743873-B2: Olefin polymerization catalyst composition and preparation thereof patent, US-4963959-A: Three-dimensional cathode ray tube display patent, US-5118513-A: Method for enhancing bioavailability of iron-calcium mineral supplements patent, US-5122233-A: Apparatus for the treatment of mixture of brines and contaminated mineral salts patent, US-5158632-A: Method of making an expandable and collapsible window covering patent, US-6322090-B1: Suspension system with an oscillating, rigid axle, particularly for tractors patent, US-6643620-B1: Voice activated controller for recording and retrieving audio/video programs patent, US-6694258-B2: Hand held car locator patent, US-5201586-A: Arrangement for the dynamic compensation of eccentricities of solids of rotation patent, US-5413671-A: Apparatus and method for removing deposits from an APCVD system patent, US-5418773-A: Zoned record carrier patent, US-5483164-A: Water quality sensor apparatus patent, US-5882765-A: Element made of a reinforced low density heat protective material and method to obtain said element patent, US-5998880-A: AC locomotive operation without DC current sensor patent, US-4686005-A: Method of washing stock suspensions by removing undesired material through an endless revolving wire patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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